Some Of Mike Francesca’s Best Friends Are Asian Doctors

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Newsday’s Neil Best suffered through Tuesday’s “Mike & The Mad Dog” program and was treated to an overdose of social commentary from Fatso & Fruitloops Mike Francesca and Chris Russo (link courtesy Luke Halpert).

It took less than 12 hours for the late Sean Taylor to go from dying from a gunshot wound suffered in his own home to being the latest symbol of what is wrong with America’s athletic youth on WFAN.It began with an hour-long discussion of how Taylor’s anger, his love of guns and his loyalty to imagined bad influences from a troubled youth had led him inevitably down the path of . . . um, having someone break into his house and shoot him.

The comedic moments included Russo explaining why these things don’t happen to hockey players and Francesa discussing his neighbors, who include Moises Alou, Jose Reyes and “Asian doctors.”

The clincher came at around 2:15 p.m., when a caller informed the hosts that Taylor’s father is a police chief, and that Taylor evidently did not grow up in inner-city squalor.

“Are you sure about that?” Russo said. “I wasn’t aware of that. So we’re using the wrong guy here to talk about dysfunctional homes is what you’re telling me.”

(My wife told me she read about Taylor’s police chief father at 7 o’clock this morning.)

Indeed, several of the newspaper accounts of Taylor’s shooting yesterday prominently mentioned that Taylor’s father, Pedro, is the chief of police in Florida City.

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    Just plain morons!

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