Someone In The Big Ten Fails To Find Humor In Child Rape

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The New York Daily News’ Justin Tasch
reports an the above shirts have raised the ire of an OSU alum, Molly Litfin, the person responsible for an online petition calling for their removal from the marketplace.

As a parent, a human, and a graduate of The Ohio State University, I am beyond sickened that this shirt has been allowed to be produced. I know that it’s not only OSU that has used this nightmare as some kind of sick joke, but since it’s my alma mater & my hometown, I’m asking the officials at The NCAA, The Big Ten, and The Ohio State University to step up and be the first university to call for an immediate halt in production & destruction of these horrible, offensive shirts.

There’s one small hitch : there’s no evidence (not that I’ve found anyway), to indicate these shirts were licensed by the NCAA or Ohio State, much less any hint the school itself is guilty of having “used this nightmare as some kind of sick joke.”

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  1. Spike Vrusho says:

    Love the pretentious use of “THE Ohio State University.” That should be outlawed the minute it is uttered by any graduate of Kroger U. It is funny to hear the former “student-athletes” mumble it during their Monday Night Football intros.

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