Someone’s Got Issues….Of Magazines That Feature Violent Sex Acts

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Thanks to our anonyomous East Coast contributor (whose initials are not J.S.) for passing along the following item. Though it is somewhat reminiscent of a similar ad that ran during the 2004 Republican National Convention, perhaps one of CSTB’s nearly half dozen female readers might want to check this out. Or perhaps not.

from Craigslist :


You know that under that super conservative Ann Taylor suit lies a dirty little whore that’s dying to come out. Ann Coulter is a hero of yours, and I’m the enemy.

I’m not a liberal, I’lm a fucking human being. Enough of this bullshit – start talking about the no child left behind initiative and watch me shove my cock down your throat. Start spewing bullshit about lazy immigrants and feel me rip those panties off…I think you get the idea.

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  1. Human hunter says:

    m4w 28 I think you been fantasizing in LA LA LAND! You couldn’t get it up for a real woman and Ann Coulter is heads and shoulders out of your league.

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