Soon To Be Jobless GM Cowers Before Angry Phans

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The Philadelphia Daily News’ Marcus Hayes reports on Phillies GM Ed Wade (who might not be around next year) chastising reliever Billy Wagner (who also might not be around next year) for the latter’s critique of the paying customers (who might not be around tonight).

On Monday, Wade upbraided serial fan critic Billy Wagner for the closer’s latest salvo at the Phillies’ fan base, launched Sunday. Wade has performed the chore often this season as his sensitive players find themselves the object of frustration born of a 12-year playoff drought.

“I’ve talked to players before about – you can’t turn this around,” Wade said. “It has to be about the fans. People have a right to boo.”

Wagner was uncharacteristically surly before and after Monday’s game, refusing to talk beforehand and dismissive afterward. Wade didn’t begrudge Wagner his opinions.

“At the same time, I think it’s human nature, over 162 games, every once in a while, a player will get upset,” Wade reasoned. “But it can’t be about that.”

Wagner acknowledged that Wade spoke with him, but did not comment further on the matter, though he indicated that he believed that Wade, too, gets frustrated with the demanding fan base, but just can’t say anything.

Silence seems wise, what with attendance projected to be down about 600,000 from the inaugural season of Citizens Bank Park and the Phillies again climbing uphill for a wild-card berth. With the face of the team unlikely to change much next season – Wagner can be a free agent, but he would be the biggest loss – now is no time to alienate the people who pay the salaries.

3 responses to “Soon To Be Jobless GM Cowers Before Angry Phans”

  1. Chuck Meehan says:

    Wagner may have spoke out a bit too soon after his two recent losses to the Astros but he does make a point as there are plenty of teams in far worse shape than the Phillies are and too many of these fans are just using them as a receptable to dump their frustrations on. Too many of these fans just go way over the top and are ridiculously dire. These folks should stop and consider the plight of many other teams fans and they might realize things arent all *that* bad in comparison, even if there is room for improvement and valid reasons to gripe. With the emergence of Chase Utley and Ryan Howard, the Phillies have a pretty strong lineup core locked up for the next 3-4 years (Burrell, Abreu, Rollins) and the deadwood will be cleared out by the end of next season. I only hope that CEO Dave Montgomery replaces Ed Wade after this season and has a new GM in place to fill in the gaps. I will be okay with another 86 win season in 2006 if it looks like the plate is being set for the next few years beyond then and as long as it isnt being set by Ed Wade.

  2. jason says:

    I bet Wade stays. And *that’s* the sort of thing that makes Phillies fans boo for the last 12 (and hundred-plus) years, not Wagner blowing saves or Bell hitting into double plays.

  3. Chuck Meehan says:

    Jason- True, Monty and The Partnership have that palpable UPenn/Phila Old Money disconnect from the punters, but a Wharton guy like Monty can read a financial statements and if he is really so clueless as keep Wade on or replace him with a nosepicker from within, I’ll throw my hands up and (gulp) turncoat to the Mets or something rather than spend money to go to the park to throw shitfits and verbally abuse players. Too many of these fans are just awful regardless. Going down to Camden Yards and seeing a park half full of morons more interested in doing their Eagles chant than paying attention to the game while the Orioles fans looked on in puzzled derision was embarrassing (this was a well pitched and played Phillies win). So, as I do think booing is always justifiable when deserved, I do think Wagner is correct in that there are those who just love to boo for booings sake and if every Philly sports team won championships, there would be a void in their lives if they didnt have at least one team to unload on.

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