Farewell, Agent 86

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Don Adams, best known for his work as bumbling secret agent Maxwell Smart in television’s “Get Smart” (1965-1970) has passed away at the age of 82.

Adams also appeared briefly in the worst syndicated comedy ever to be produced by a company with no ties to Howard Stern, the supermarket howler “Check It Out”.

2 responses to “Farewell, Agent 86”

  1. Harris Bloom says:

    Just noticed that Deadspin is congratulating ESPN Page 2 on some award nomination – two things – Is online jounalism (and more specifically sports journalism) so poor that ESPN Page 2 is considered “award-nomination’ worthy?!? I mean, this is the ESPN Page 2 that employs Skip Bayless and Scoop Jackson, right?!?

    Secondly, between sucking up to Bill Simmons and now this cheery congrats, can the Deadspin editors be more obvious about wanting to work in Bristol? I mean, EVERYTHING else on the site has the same gawker-esque snark attached. But not ESPN related items…hmmmm.

  2. CSTB says:

    How is it that a guy who could be, I dunno, writing about online dating or reality TV, would be so obsessed with a sporty website or the state of of sports journalism? C’mon, Harris, it’s only a game. Or people writing about games! And maybe you’ve got some anger issues to sort out.

    This is all making more and more sense. On one hand, we have an aspiring essayist/author who does a poor job of disguising his aspirations to work for Disney. And on the other, we have an aspiring essayist/author who is quick to critique the other guy, but loathe to do it too often, ’cause it isn’t healthy to be “angry” about this stuff.

    to paraphrase Dan Zanes, good luck to all glands.

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