Sox Fan’s Self-Pity Impedes Economic Recovery

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While the financial fate of the world teeters on every word President-elect Obama says, The Huffington Post reports that a disgruntled South Side fan took umbrage with the President-elect in Chicago.  Apparently, the Obama team divides the press corps into two sections, “White Sox” and “Cubs.”  Obama, a Sox/Phillies/Iowa Cubs/Rays fan, and his staff, possibly have other things on their minds this week.  Still, Mr. Steve Thomma, of the McClatchey service, used his spot as the day’s pool reporter to detract from the nation’s business with the following:

Motorcade rolled from Hyde Park at 9:11 am CST, pulled into service entrance of the hotel at 9:19 am CST. It’s noteworthy that the press seats at the news conference have been divided into a White Sox section – to the South – and a Cubs section – to the North of the ballroom. But in a crime against nature, your pooler – a genuine White Sox fan, a man who attended his first twi-night double header at the Old Comiskey in 1963, who sat behind third base for the 50th anniversary All Star Game there in ’83, who knew Bill Veeck and the wonders of Disco Demolition night, who saw the great Ozzie play before he managed – has been assigned a seat in the Cubs section.

Now watch here, as Obama explains the restraint needed in saving the South Side or anywhere else in Illinois, when the hurt feelings of a real working class hero South Sider need to be addressed while families strugle to pay bills.

“That the kind of change we need “ [we] White Sox fans,”  said Thomme in graciously accepting the apology from Obama.  While no one who reads CSTB is surprised at a Sox fan’s whining to everyone about a perceived lack of respect and their step-child hurt feelings, you would think saving the nation from Depression comes first.   Have Sox fans no sense of decency, at long last?

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  1. I…what?

    Ben! I know you’re still in (well-deserved) shock over your boys’ latest three-straight choke job, but slow down, man. Some of us are busy out here and can’t read a post more than three times to absorb what the hell it means.

    I’m at the twelve minute mark of the video and I’m still not seeing what it has to do with the Century Of Failure. Rog? Any help?

    I will say this: it’s hard to get used to having the President be intelligent enough to not be intimidated by nerds and dorks, to the point of bringing them onstage with him.

  2. Gary says:

    Nice Joseph Welch reference at the end, guys. Didn’t think I knew that, DID you??

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