Sports Illustrated – Upholding The Standards Of Print Journalism…

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…except when they’re running a quote without attribution.

2 responses to “Sports Illustrated – Upholding The Standards Of Print Journalism…”

  1. Scrap says:

    I don’t know what you’re talking about. SI is the epitome of sports journalism.


  2. Rog says:

    What a hysterical idiot that guy is. SI’s been running that column forever and they take quotes from tv, print, wherever and nobody’s complained about it before. Actually, most j-school professors would tell you that it’s not against common standards of journalism to do this, unless you’re a very self-important blogger like that leather dude. Sometimes things get attributed, like if it’s an exclusive, but other times no. One of the comments in that post brought up the possibility that an SI writer went to the same book signing and heard the comment himself (highly probable, actually). Ah, so much furor over something that is so common in print publishing. Another blogger who thinks the world revolves around his petty website. Bloggers only look like whiney babies when they complain about crap like this.

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