Sports’ Most Unabashed Trash-Talkers, Updated

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5) Chad Johnson
4) Muhammad Ali
3) Michael Jordan
2) Gary Payton

1) Philip Rivers

Seriously, while I’m fully in favor of Denver doing whatever they need to do to fashion solidarity as they search for that elusive 7th win, there is something mildly weird about this much bravado on the part of the Bolts, given all the weeping and finger-pointing that ensued after they were bounced by the Patriots last January.

2 responses to “Sports’ Most Unabashed Trash-Talkers, Updated”

  1. ShaneRollins says:

    Oh how quickly Shannon Sharpe and Deion Sanders are forgotten in the world of smack talk

  2. GC says:

    yeah, well, they can check in once they’ve had careers as long and glorious as Philip Rivers.

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