Spurs’ Ted Ditchburn, RIP

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Former Tottenham goalkeeper Ted Ditchburn has passed away at the age of 84.

From the Spring of 1946 to March 1954, Ditchburn missed only 2 matches for Spurs, appearing in 247 consecutive games. Ditchburn also made 6 appearances for the England side.

Charlton Athletic’s Wednesday evening match at Newcastle, scheduled to kick off at 7:45pm, was cancelled at 7:15 due to snow throughout the day. A nice surprise, in that case, for Charlton fans who’d travelled some 300 miles for the privilege of turning around and going home.

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  1. Sheila Read (nee Ditchburn) says:

    I was very sad to hear that Ted Ditchburn had passed away, I am a Ditchburn myself, and regret not finding out in which way (Uncle) Ted was related to me on my Father’s side.
    Sadly my Dad passed away but i do remember as a child him mentioning Ted Ditchburn and also Barry Ditchburn.
    My Son Leon who is now 21 has been a Tottenham Fan since he was tiny and still is now.
    If anyone can be a help to me, it would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks

  2. paul saxon says:

    Hi sorry to hear of teds death only recently a great player but more importantly a great man we met him several times in the algarve on holiday and he and joan were a delight to be around . fondest memories paul and pat saxon

  3. Hi Sheila
    I’ve just found your article dated 16/09/06 regarding Ted and Barry Ditchburn. Ted was my fathers younger brother and Barry is my young brother. If you can give me any information about your dad (eg his name, where he came from) perhaps we can find some connection. Our part of the Ditchburn family came from the Medway towns, my grandfather Fred came to Northfleet I think in the 1920’s. Anyway tell me what you can and we will go from there.
    Hope to hear from you

  4. paul blaney says:

    as ateenager in the 1950sted ditchburn was my biggest hero & while i lived in north devon saw him play several times at whit heart lane . he was in my opinion the greatest keeper to stand between the stick at white heart lane in my life time p b

  5. Sheila (nee Ditchburn) says:

    Hi Marjorie, sorry i have taken so long to reply but time flys past and my boys are always on the internet so i don’t get a look in! My youngest son has just bought a lap top and is not useing it at the moment so i am borrowing it to email you!
    Right, you asked my Fathers name it was Fred Ditchburn, my Mothers name was Mary Ditchburn, we have always lived in the Medway Towns, Rochester.
    My Grandad was Alf Ditchburn he married Mabel, they lived in Rochester, and obviously had two sons, my dad Fred and his brother Alf.
    You mentioned that your grandfather lived or came from Northfleet, we had relatives from there Auntie Ivy and Uncle Jim, but I can’ really remember much about them.
    I hope this may bring some light in some way to anyone, only it would mean alot to me as my family have all passed away, but i’m still a Ditchburn by heart!
    Hope you can assist in any way with any information.

  6. Sarah Collard says:

    Dear Sheila and Marjorie and Paul (Saxon)

    I am Ted and Joan Ditchburn’s grandaughter. Daughter of Christine, Nan and Grandad’s daughter who sadly died when my brother (Russell) and I were only small children.
    I have been reading with interest your exchange of emails.
    Losing Grandad was one of the saddest days of my life. He was the most marvellous man anyone could have the pleasure of meeting and to have him as my Grandfather was such a privilege. A truly remarkable man. I miss him terribly. Nan is still doing well though. She lives in Suffolk now. Nan and Grandad moved there 9 years ago to be closer to their son Robin. Nan and I are very, very close. More of a mother/daughter relationship than grandmother/grandaughter. We spend a lot of time together. Unfortunately I live in Essex but I travel to Suffolk every other weekend to see her and take her shopping etc. She is a true gem and such a strong lady. She has coped admirably since losing Grandad but obviously has her low days (not that she likes to show this too often!). She is still in relatively good health and very much still has her sense of humour :).
    Anyway, not sure if you will see this but wanted to contribute something to your comments.

  7. Ron Earl says:

    Very late in coming across this site, but it does give me the opportunity to pay tribute to my boyhood hero. I never got the chane to see Ted live; (I was a Norwich Div.3 South supporter)only on Pathe News and once on TV when he played for Old England v Young England. But from 1953 I collected every newspaper cutting I could and still have my scrapbook; together with a treasured birthday card which he sent me on my 13th birthday (my lads brigade leader had something to do with that I think). Through the Internet I’ve been able to see him playing for both Spurs & England. Now 69 I still treasure all my memories of
    him and he never grew old in my mind. Rest in Peace Ted and his birthday is the same as my Grandad (not he same year though); so I always remember him.

  8. Sandy Ditchburn says:

    Dear Sheila, Marjorie and Sarah

    This is a long shot as I know this article was put here ages ago, but I am wondering if you could help me figure out if I am related to you at all.

    Details that I have are quite sketchy but I’ll try my best. My Granddad was English but moved to New Zealand while he was still quite young (before World War II). While he was in Wellington someone on the street came up to him and asked if he was Ted Ditchburn because he looked like him. My Granddads name is John Leslie Ditchburn. Ever since hearing this story I’ve wondered if I was related to Ted.

    I don’t know much about his family, but I think he had a brother named Fred.

    Does this make sense to anyone?

    Get a hold of me and let me know:
    remain.anathema (at) gmail (dot) com


  9. ken borrett says:

    I am now 64 years old, and remember being on holiday with my parents at a holiday camp in kent. we met a footballer and his family, i was told his name was ted and he played for tottenham. i seem to remember playing with a girl called cristine and was wondering if any of his family remember this?

  10. Sarah Hogg says:

    Dear Ken
    Not sure.if you will receive this comment as it was such a long time ago that you posted your message. Ted Ditchburn was my Grandad and Christine was my mum. I’ve actually got a photo of Nan (Joan), Grandad, Mum (Christine) and my uncle (Robin) at a holiday camp. Itay be the same.one. Sadly my mum was killed in a car accident in March 1976. My Nan only passed away last November 2016.

    I hope younget this message Ken. From Sarah

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