Steve Bartman Didn’t Ask To Be No Role Model

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Steve Bartman has officially left the money on the table
for an autograph party. To be fair, he could be waiting until Moises Alou blames him again and demand 100K.

What promoters of this card show don’t get is that the current title holder of Most Hated in the Recublican Party is Home Run Bob Howry, who blew Rich Harden’s aces high six no-hit innings against Arizona this Monday and gave up 3 runs on 3 hits to add some unwanted suspense to the Cubs’ 10-3 lead going into the 8th last night. I admire Bartman’s refusal to cash in on being a lovable loser, and wish Mr. Howry would follow his lead.

3 responses to “Steve Bartman Didn’t Ask To Be No Role Model”

  1. andrew says:

    Heading down the stretch, I’m not sure what Cubs fans should worry about more- the Bartman curse, the curse of the Billy Goat, or the fact that their bullpen heavily relies upon the health of Kerry “Blister” Wood.

  2. Ben Schwartz says:

    Actually Andrew, what I’ve been thinking about is Piniella’s wire-to-wire Reds of 1990 who went to the Series. During the first half of that season, the team overperformed and dominated the NL. In the second half, they played average ball, but were so far ahead of everyone else it hardly mattered. The Cubs weren’t unbelievably hot in this first half, just really good, so they can’t afford a fall off. Don’t know if that’s indicative of Piniella or what. Then again, how often do Cub fans have anything to worry about?

    As for the Brewers — they look great. The Cubs, should they ever have their bullpen together, are just as good. Harden has been well worth it in both starts, but injury riddled Cubs didn’t match him.



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