Stevie Ray Vandalized

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Time-Warner Cable’s News 8 was on the spot early this morning, spicing up an otherwise slow local news day with the story of the 8 foot statue of Stevie Ray Vaughn being defaced.

A local correspondent who will remain nameless (in case he or she ever wants to do the weather at News 8 ) comments below :

Subject: My new hero(es)
Body: Some beautiful person and/or persons defaced the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue at Town Lake in Austin last night.

This ugly, overbearing, bronze statue has been a blistering eyesore for the tasteful masses for years now. News 8 (Time Warner’s sad 24 hour news station) covered it early this morning, revealing that the word “POSER” was painted on the front, “See you in Hell” at the base, and some unnamed profanity on the reverse. Some passerbys’ quotes include a woman in her late 40s with fashionable jogging gear: “I’m an artist, too, and I appreciate what that is, and everyone does, and — well — obviously some don’t.” (Um, what “real” “artist” is jogging at 8am?) An even older fellow, looking very confused: “I don’t know what they’re protesting against.” (I would wager that they were drunkenly protesting against mediocre, Hendrix nutsack-swinging, drug-fueled GARBAGE that is pervasively revered by the small “c” local celebrities who speak for Austin.) And finally, a random, ugly, bearded tourist from Florida: “No respect for the dead…All he did was make good music and make people happy.” (Many people take exception to this — people like myself, who, as a sign shop employee, was forced to hear his poisonous aural carrion day after fucking day on KLBJ-FM.)

I’m not glad the motherfucker’s dead, but bitches, please, this is the most overrated guitar player of all time, a product of a pissant city that thinks so highly of itself to call itself the “Live Music Capitol of the World.” His wanky, artless garbage encouraged many other morons to pick up an axe and continue the suffering he started, and make places like Antone’s be able to book filth like this 7 nights a week.

I love the Blues. I love these drunks who did this in the middle of the night. I love News 8 Austin for getting their cameras down there to shoot and record it before the City sent out their underpaid minions to wash it off around 10am. It shall live in eternity on my DVR (until I get it burned to DVD, at least).

This shall be the best Christkkkmas ever. My heart races with joy.

10 responses to “Stevie Ray Vandalized”

  1. Conner says:

    Youre a fucking dipshit, you obviously are not a musician, and if you are you probably fucking blow goats…the blues is in the bones of american music…no blues=no jazz no rock and roll, no hip hop, no american music in general. just chill the fuck out and try to respect an amazingly gifted musician.

  2. CSTB says:


    our anonymous correspondent — possibly a musician, probably not a goat blower — is (see above) a self described lover of the blues. He or/she isnt’ into deities, at least not of this variety. This wasn’t disrepecting the dead, this was disrespecting a really ugly statue.

    and fuckin’-a, you’re right about the blues being the bones of american music. Luckily, SVR didn’t invent the idiom.

    kill yr idols

  3. Tamas Katona Jr says:

    DIE you bastard piece of shit! You aren’t human, you’re the evil!
    You’re going to HELL!!! If I find you, I broke your arms and then I bury you alive!

  4. Craig Blankenship says:

    The dude could play and had a huge heart as well. Shame on you.

  5. CSTB says:

    shame on who, Craig? those who chose the vandalize the statue, our anonymous cheerleader or yours truly whose coverage of said affair is no different than that of News 8? Let’s be specific.

  6. Garth says:

    I’m sorry the vandals and those who spoke out against Stevie Ray Vaughan’s talent did what they did.

    Vaughan was a supremely talented musician and a better man. He played the blues with heart and emotion that few on earth have ever been able to match.

    I could really care less what some vandals and fools think — SRV is one of the blues greats.

    RIP Stevie

  7. tammy says:

    I can’t believe that people are happy that someone would do something like that to a great preformer like SRV they have never listen to the words and music or they would be thankful for someone so great.

  8. sam says:

    You are obviously someone striving for attention in any way possible. Please find another way to make your self feel better. no one thinks more of you because you speak against the norm. you are just some punk piece of shit that craves controversy for gratification. Stevie Ray Vaughan is one one the GREATEST guitarist of all time. You obviously know nothing about heart in music. You are no artist. –just a punk that wants attention. I guess mommy didnt hug you enough. sorry, not stevie’s fault.

  9. Joe says:

    You know its pretty fucking ridiculous that someone would post an article like this on the internet. By defacing Stevie Ray Vaughan you are defacing the art of blues. Stevie Ray Vaughan was not simply the greatest blues guitarist if not overall technical guitarists of all time but he was a revolutionary and basically reestablished the dying culture of blues throughout the 1980s. I seriously hope that person who did this realizes that they have taken one of the kindest, most pure-hearted musicians of all time and disgraced the great tradition of blues. Whomever takes satisfaction in this can rot in hell because they will never be half the man Stevie Ray Vaughan was.

  10. GC says:


    while not wishing to challenge your assertions that SRV was “not simply the greatest blues guitarist if not overall technical guitarists of all” on the grounds of WHO GIVES A SHIT, I’d like to make the following clarification :

    No one, to my knowledge, has defaced the late Stevie Ray Vaughn. Someone, did however, deface a STATUE. If you have trouble telling the difference between a monument to SRV and the man himself, well, that might be a clue as to why someone felt provoked to commit such an act of vandalism.