Stinks Vs. Sucks : Paper Of Record’s Style Guide Makes Kepner Look Sappy

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For reasons I can’t explain, the following item from Tyler Kepner in Monday’s New York Times can no longer be found online :

Outfielder Shelly Duncan signed an autograph for a young Red Sox fan this weekend by writing an R-rated version of “Red Sox Stink” above his signature. The fan took his story to The Boston Herald, which published a story about it and a photo of the sad-eyed boy displaying the autograph.

Duncan seemed perturbed by the fuss. “I was just trying to be funny and give the kid some laughs,” he said.

Apparently, “Red Sox Suck” is “an R-rated version of “Red Sox Stink”. Much the way “JETER SUCKS A-ROD” is an R-rated version of “I Strongly Dislike & Resent The Yankees”.

5 responses to “Stinks Vs. Sucks : Paper Of Record’s Style Guide Makes Kepner Look Sappy”

  1. Michael says:

    That kid looks like a little prick anyway.

  2. kt says:

    nothing will ever beat “FISK EATS RICE”. i’m still looking for one of those t-shirts so if anyone in the tri-state area sees one at a yard sale or resale shop please pick it up for me, eh?

  3. Joel Hunt says:


    scroll down for more squeamishness, this time from kelefa sanneh:

    “…the name of the band? Well, suffice it to say that if newspaper coverage were a priority, the members might have called themselves Messed Up instead.”

  4. GC says:

    funny, I was gonna mention that one, too. I guess Tyler and Kelefa are working under harsh conditions. But that ‘Year Of The Pig’ 12″ is totally insane — and it has nothing to do with Joba Chamberlain!

  5. Ben Schwartz says:

    ’97s “Alomar Spits — Baltimore Swallows” shirt during the ’97 ALCS was an R-Rated version of itself. I did just see a Chamberlain Lakers jersey on some guy with the player number 20,000 on the back.


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