Stop The Crucifixion Of Delonte West Bruce Pearl

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Though I cannot vouch for the legitimacy of this Facebook screen shot, allegedly culled from the profile of Brandy Pearl, wife of University Of Tennessee men’s basketball head coach Bruce, I think we can all agree this was a ridiculous thing for her to claim.  Had she written, “Now I know of two Jewish men in the entire city of Knoxville”, however, I can’t imagine anyone would’ve complained.

3 responses to “Stop The Crucifixion Of Delonte West Bruce Pearl”

  1. Timothy Cook says:

    Two thoughts/impulses: 1) I can’t wait for Angelina Jolie’s role in A MIGHTY HEART 2: SEC CONFERENCE, and 2) ADD AS FRIEND!!!!!

  2. Luke N. Atmaguchi says:

    Listen, I wear an Ian Kinsler jersey out in public, in Texas. I sat through a staged reading of “I’m Not Michael Rapaport,” starring Brian Scalabrine (?!), with an uncredited MC Serch miming cues offstage. I attended the Bar Mitzvah of my 7th-grade best friend Ben-Cletus, at Texas’ historic first temple in Irving, the Congregation B’Nai Hill. I . . . OK, what was the original thing?

  3. Seitz says:

    Bruce Pearl is a lying sack of shit and should be ecstatic that anyone still gives a crap about him, including his wife. He’s been lying for over 20 years. Why is anyone surprised by this?

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