Suffering At Shea : Fish Pounding Park

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At the risk of stating the incredibly obvious, even Jose Lima thinks Chan Ho Park was ill-qualified to get the start Monday night.

El Duqe and The ‘Stache were each placed on the 15 Day DL earlier today, while Braves closer Bob Wickman went on the disabled list with an upper back injury. Wickman blew a pair of saves against the Rockies over the weekend, then suffered the indignity of being mistaken for Todd Jones at a nearby bathhouse. Unless that wasn’t actually Wickman, either (it was kind of steamy, sorry).

Cincinnati have announced plans to retire Davey Concepcion’s no. 13 during a July 28 ceremony. The club have neither confirmed, nor denied that Death Wish will provide the evening’s pregame entertainment by covering Das Damen’s ‘Triskaidekaphobia’ in its entiriety.

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  1. Marc says:

    The 8 up 8 down that preceded the 5-run inning almost made me think Mr. Ho Park was a good picther…Nah it didn’t.

    If anyone noticed Fettucini Alfredo Amezega hit a HR…yeah he’s 4 feet tall and weights 115…send Chan Ho back.

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