Sultan Of Sloth Names, Shames…David Dellucci?

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David Wells, as quoted by the Boston Globe’s Gordon Edes.

Wells said he was tested for steroids four times last season. He said he didn’t doubt there were players who were still using steroids, including Bonds, and other performance-enhancing substances. Wells said Sammy Sosa and Rafael Palmeiro ”were on the juice” and raised questions about ”itty-bitty guys who hit 30 home runs.”

”Like Dellucci, I guess,” Wells said. ”How many home runs did he hit last year? Has he ever done that in his career?”

Dellucci, who was acquired by the Phillies on April 1 after hitting a career-best 29 homers for Texas last season, was visibly upset when informed of Wells’s comments after last night’s 8-4 Sox win.

”I guess I would say I take that as a huge insult,” Dellucci said, ”for the work I put in during the season and the offseason. It’s unfortunate that . . . I’m flustered, man, I can’t believe it. I leave the field at midnight every night because I work out after the game. It just so happened last year I had [435] at-bats, and I hit the most home runs I’ve ever had in the most at-bats I ever had.

”I’ve been tested probably more than anyone else I know in the game in random tests. I got tested this offseason, so if David has any suspicions, he can check any one of my drug tests and he can go observe my workout routine and then we’ll see.”

3 responses to “Sultan Of Sloth Names, Shames…David Dellucci?”

  1. Chuck Meehan says:

    Another gem from the Sultan of Sloth (and stupid commentary). If Sal Fasano looks like a South Philly corner cheeseteak joint delivery guy circa 1980’s, Delucci looks like a waiter at an upscale Italian restuarant who may one day work his way up to maitre d’. For what its worth, Delucci has been quite banging coming off the bench for the Phils as of late. Ajusting to PH role or auditioning for a Yankees roster spot?

  2. Brian says:

    nice triple yesterday, and despite what assface says, Dellucci’s numbers last season were not that out of whack. He had 17 in 331 ab in 04.

  3. PhxLongo says:

    I just stumbled across this and such comments are just ridiculous! Sounds like Wells was trying to push the suspicions on someone else. If Dellucci was using roids (major If…), I imagine he would have hit a hella lot more HRs!!! Jealousy is a SAD thing!

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