Sultan Of Surly Plans Suit Over ‘Shadows’

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Reuters’ Adam Tanner is sorry to tell of an uneasy time when all is not well.

A lawyer for baseball slugger Barry Bonds, who is accused of using steroids in ‘Game Of Shadows’, said he would seek a court restraining order and disgorgement of profits from the high-profile volume.

In a letter to the agent of authors Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams, attorney Alison Berry Wilkinson said her firm would file the legal action in San Francisco Superior Court on Friday.

“Our client, Barry Bonds, will seek an ex parte application for a temporary restraining order against them, as well as Gotham Books/Penguin USA, Sports Illustrated Magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle,” she wrote in the letter, a copy of which was posted on the Chronicle’s Web site.

“This injunctive action will be brought pursuant to California’s Unfair Competition Law … to obtain, in summary, disgorgement of any profits related to or derived from the publication and distribution of the book.”

ESPN’s Pedro Gomez approached the Sultan’s employers for comment and came up with this :

“The Giants have no response. This is Barry Bonds’ personal issue.”

Much as we all love watching the arrogant Bonds taken down a notch or two, there’s something screwy about Peter Magowan or Brian Sabean getting a free pass from the court of public opinion. Barry will be booed this April, perhaps even by some in San Francisco, but I doubt his enablers will face nearly as much criticism.

Will Leitch, perhaps troubled there are investigative reporters that do something besides scan USA Sports Weekly for their scoops, suggests that Bonds is wasting his time going after Fainaru-Wada and Williams’ profits. “Anyone who thinks you get rich writing books has clearly never written one.” sniffs Will, perhaps unaware that ‘Game Of Shadows’ initial print run is about a quarter of million more books than the combined sales of ‘Catch’ and ‘Life As A Loser’.

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  1. ben schwartz says:

    Yeah, MacGowan distancing himself entirely from this as a players “personal” issue is ridiculous. If he means simply Bonds suing, yeah, fine. But Owners, managers, and fellow teammates whose stats, W-L columns, and post season careers benefited from steroid users like BB have some bogus numbers, too. Maybe not to the extent that Giambi and Bonds do personally, but how many pitchers have been lifted up by their juiced line drives? Steroids contaminates the whole game. I’m not so sure Bonds needs an asterisk next to his records as the steroid era needs a designation much like the pre and post “deadball era.” Ban steroids and lets move on.


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