Taking A Poll With Michael Medved

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Of Michael Medved, Tim Cook once wrote, “I have been convinced that beneath the horrible sleeveless sweaters lives a self-loathing, needle-dicked pedant.  And I have often wondered about that hideous butt broom on his face.  Could this be some kind code, a phony underground 100% hetero ‘take back the ‘stache movement,’ or something as simple as ‘take me in the restroom NOW, sailor'”

The Huffington Post’s Chris Kelly, however, takes the more reasoned stance that “Michael Medved smells like urine.” (link swiped from Daniel Radosh)

2 responses to “Taking A Poll With Michael Medved”

  1. Rog says:

    Someone once told me that John Clayton smells like urine and that he has a photographic memory of every football stat that’s ever existed.

  2. Don says:

    It is not well-known, but Michael Medved really hurt the feelings of Arch Hall Jr, which was a bad thing.

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