That’s Incredible II – Fran Scrambles For Fiscal Sanity

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Please, don’t get him started on Sarah Palin, either.

5 responses to “That’s Incredible II – Fran Scrambles For Fiscal Sanity”

  1. I predict that he will never win the Super Bowl as long as he has to get past Dallas.

  2. TMS says:

    What’s so crazy about what he said? Did I miss something?

  3. Don says:


    Nothing’s crazy about what he said, more or less that he chose to say it and that it contained so little information yet mocked, initially, the feel good concept of affirmations, but in the end offered truly nothing more.

  4. David Roth says:

    Nothing so nutty about it, I agree…except for the fact that Fran Tarkenton shot a video for YouTube talking about the economy. That said, I like his shirt.

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