The 300 : Tonight, We Dine On Hot Doug’s

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Mets 8, Cubs 3

(the view from section 127)

…if they were open on Sunday
, that is.

But culinary concerns aside, full praise to the Mets’ Tom Glavine, who while becoming just the 23rd pitcher in big league history to collect 300 wins, held the Cubs to just a pair of runs over 6 + innings before giving way to a succession of New York relievers in the 7th. And when Aaron Heilman’s the most effective of the bunch, you know it’s an historic occasion.

Glavine’s efforts were aided in no small part by breakout nights for Luis Castillo and Carlos Delgado, the former picking up his first 3 hit game in nearly a year, the latter begining to turn on balls the way we’ve waited for all season.

It was hardly an evening of insignificance for the hosts, however, as Alfonso Soriano pulled up lame attempting to go from first to third, and is expected to miss much of the Cubs’ stretch run. On the slightly more hopeful tip, Kerry Wood, making his first big league appearance of ’07, pitched a scoreless 7th for Chicago. Wood was greeted with an overwhelming standing ovation, and while I admire the sentiment, the Wrigley faithful surely are setting themselves up for a crushing disappointment. But enough about the petition to have Billy Corgan banned from the ballpark — I can’t imagine Wood staying healthy for the long haul.

I’d be remiss in not tipping the cap one more time to Glavine, who seemed like a poor candidate for 300 just a few seasons ago. Routinely lambasted in this column as a grouch, poor teammate, a Wilpon fave or worst of all, an Atlanta Braves mole, Glavine’s had a tremendous run for the Mets since the second half of 2005. So what if he rarely breaks 83 mph on the radar gun? Who cares if one of our readers has the hots for his wife? Without this likely Hall Of Famer as the rock of the Mets’ rotation, the club are doomed in October. Or in other words, we’re just one bad cab ride away from Brian Lawrence getting a postseason start.

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  1. Rog says:

    I went to the Cyclones game, myself, and while I didn’t see Glavine win his 300th, I did get a Marty Markowitz bobblehead. BTW, the highlight of the game was watching this kid named Lucas Duda who seems to be on the fast lane to AA from what I saw. The kid is good (small sample size, I know).

  2. Joel Hunt says:

    nice seats!

  3. Jesse says:

    Rock of the Mets rotation?! Are you insane? He’ll be our 5th best starter when Pedro Martinez comes back. Maine, Ollie Perez, and El Duque are light years ahead of him right now.

    He’s got a WHIP in the 1.30s, doesn’t strike anyone out, can’t go deep into a game. It’s going to be a tragedy when Randolph makes him the game one starter of a playoff series.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy for him getting his 300th win, and he’s not a bad back-of-the-rotation starter (though a tad pricey). But to suggest he’s any more than that at this point is absurd, and I can only hope he’s not back in a Mets uniform next year.

  4. GC says:


    I’m not gonna bother to try and discuss the concepts of sarcasm and exaggeration with you, mostly because i don’t understand them very well.

    At present, I would much rather see Hernandez or Maine start game one of a playoff series. Though given the erratic nature of Oliver Perez…and that Pedro coming back is far from a sure thing, 5th starter might be overdoing it, too.

  5. Jesse says:

    After an evening of listening to Morgan and Miller blow sunshine up his ass, the blurry line of sarcasm became an outright fog. My apologies.

  6. Ben Schwartz says:

    Had to skim this post but from what I gather, CSTB was quite impressed with Kerry Wood’s 300th career inning played, and this Cub fan appreciates you making the trek up to commemorate the occasion.

    Yeah, a tough break for Soriano and the Cubs re his quad, but jeez, that quad wasn’t putting is over during the first half.


  7. GC says:

    there was a woman sitting one section to the left of me brandishing a sign reading “WE WANT WOODS”.

    With that kind of spell checking, she oughta stick to blogging.

  8. Rog says:

    Not if she was an environmentalist.

  9. Ben Schwartz says:

    Necessary spellage, imo, gentlemen, as any woman holding up a sign that says “We want Wood” is bound to attract the attention of the unsavory lot of beer swilling cads that haunt Wrigley … at least until the Trib people move out.


  10. KD says:

    Gah, I used to live a hundred feet from Hot Doug’s. I miss it like I miss being 21 years old.

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