The Bitterly Divided Mets

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If the Metropolitans (leading 5-3 after 4 1/2) hang on this afternoon at CBP, they’ll have taken 3 consecutive from the Phillies and 8 of their last 9. That would be an impressive enough achievement coming off a miserable prior 3 weeks of play, but it’s especially noteworthy in light of Paulie Large Nuts’ verbal hate crimes and the way he has singlehandedly fashioned a work environment marked by intolerance and fear.

It was just two weeks ago that a national magazine described David Wright and Jose Reyes “hugging and tussling like puppies.”   But last night, the former, impressionable as always —- in a video clip provided by Pick Me Up Some Mets — was shown engaged in the vicious hazing of teammate Ramon Castro.

Clearly, it is time for Omar Minaya to enlist the calming influence of a person so universally beloved, he’s the one man capable of cutting through the racial cliques and bringing this team back together.

Does anyone have John Franco’s phone number?

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  1. Chuck Meehan says:

    The term Groundhog Day is often used when discussing the Phillies and for the second year in a row the Mets have ended any Phillies hope as far as the NL East by coming into CBP and methodically cleaning their clocks. The only difference is that this came a few weeks later than last season. The Mets are in the right place at the right time as the Phillies pitching has completely collapsed from top to bottom. 44 year-old Jamie Moyer is their most reliable starter, Hamels is in a slump, Eaton is a crapshoot at best and the Phillies do not have anybody other than not even close to blue-chip minor leaguers to round out the rotation. The Phillies have been a resilient team under Charlie Manuel and manage to pick themselves up when things are at their bleakest, but I cannot see another playoff run with such shabby pitching and lack of prospects to step up or be used to trade for a starter. Best hope as a Phillies fan would be for a meteorite to destroy Citizens Bank Park, the country club owners finally pack it in and sell, and the new owners field the team for an interim basis in another location while building
    a new park.

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