The Comedic Stylings Of Rick Dempsey

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When Gary Thorne is the one embarrassed at your poor choice of words, something has gone horribly wrong.

Perhaps inspired by Dempsey’s motivational tactics, Jay Gibbons went 3-4 with a solo HR in Baltimore’s 8-3 defeat of Tampa Bay last night.

5 responses to “The Comedic Stylings Of Rick Dempsey”

  1. Brendan Flynn says:

    Like everything else Angelos has touched MASN has turned into a fucking joke that’s worth a lot of money. Sadly, Rick Dempsey can pretty much say anything he wants and Balimoreans will love him. He probably should have stuck to sliding around the tarp during rain delays and playing pranks on the San Diego Chicken. Whether it’s him or Palmer or any other schlepp it makes me long for the days of John Lowenstein on HTS.

  2. Rog says:

    What’s that woman’s name in the video?

  3. PAULA says:

    Really, aren’t we all getting a bit too sensitive. Rick Dempsey has given Baltimore more positive than negative. He apologized, let it go and get over it. Don’t like it, change the channel. GO ORIOLES!

  4. John says:

    Instead of making a big deal about Rick Dempsey’s joke, make a big deal about the cause and help raise a lot of money. The problem with society is that instead of focusing on the positive they pick one thing out and focus on that. It was meant as a joke, if you don’t like it I am sorry, but go give your cell phone to the Orioles and help them raise money for this cause.

  5. Craig341 says:

    John, 5:14 pm:

    Well, hey; how many people would’ve known about this without that?

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