The Couch Slouch Is Pretty Certain The World Is Ending In The Next 40 Minutes Or So

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And so am I  — if I had to do it all over again, I’d have spent the Yardbarker money on a deluxe model Roomba the cat could’ve taken for rides.  From Norman Chad’s 12/18 Washington Post column ;

Let’s briefly reconsider the controversial Stephen Strasburg shutdown. I’ve done just that: It seemed dumb then and it seems dumb now. I hate to upset my D.C. friends and Nationals fans, but after terming it the dumbest decision in contemporary times since Decca Records passed on the Beatles in 1962, I am now upgrading it to the worst decision in the history of Western civilization. Why? The Nationals said they were doing it to preserve Strasburg’s arm for next year and beyond. Hello? THERE’S NOT EVEN GOING TO BE A NEXT YEAR.

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