The CSTB Prescription For Jonathan Papelbon :

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A big dose of Calm The Fuck Down Pills (image culled from New York Sports Dog, courtesy The Eddie Kranepool Society). Agonizing over the blown save (to first ballot Hall Of Famer Omir Santos) is one thing, but there’s already a gang of umpires patrolling the field at Fenway. The next time this jackass makes a move for the first base line while the opposing team is in the field, he oughta be ejected, fined or tased.

3 responses to “The CSTB Prescription For Jonathan Papelbon :”

  1. stephe says:

    Are you telling me you don’t wish the Mets had even one guy that cared if he won or lost? Or you wish a Met would care exactly the amount that you want?
    Passion is the difference why the Sox get in the playoffs and the Mets don’t.

  2. nelson says:

    doesn’t it seem that closers are often allowed to be overly demonstrative? they’re the wide receivers of baseball. papelbon annoys me more than anyone in all of professional sports, and i would truly enjoy seeing him tased.

  3. GC says:

    I guess that’s why the Rays went to the World Series last year. Their players must’ve cared that much more than the Red Sox.

    I’m a-ok with guys giving a hoot about winning and losing. The only Met I’ve wondered about in that regard was a certain Braves mole who thought being elminated on the final day of the ’07 regular season (largely due to his miserable start) wasn’t the sort of thing anyone should go crazy over.

    I’d prefer to think Boston’s recent postseason success has been a combination of great management, smart personnel moves (both of the free agent and player development variety) and exceptional chemistry. But enough about Manny and Ortiz, Boston’s a first class organization. I fail to see any connection between Pap’s moronic antics (last time i checked, disputing such calls was Tito’s job) and his team’s prosperity.

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