The End Of CSTB HQ

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Normal service will resume…I dunno.  Sooner or later. This was a hell of a way to get out of hoovering the living room.

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  1. Boomer Lowe says:

    That’s an actual photo of your house?
    I’m sorry that I assumed this was some sort of clever joke.
    Glad you are safe.

  2. Michael Duane says:

    damn Gerard that really sucks… very pleased you’re all alright… Mxxx

  3. josh rosen says:

    it goes without saying that i am glad you’re safe and ok

  4. bettina says:

    I am so very happy to know that you and your dogs are fine.
    I am so sorry that this happened to you – and all the challenges that follow. I know you of anyone are up to those challenges but I am super sorry that you have them to face.

    I am sure it is way at the bottom of your list- but I will send you any records that I have that you might want. I also have a lot of doubles between my boyfriend and I that I would be happy to give you. I will set about compiling a list for you to select from.
    I am so sorry- if there is something else that I can do for you- let me know- I have a lap top that is a few years old- that I can ship you today- you are welcome to it- it is a mac. an external drive that I can spare as well- if you want it .

    Just please let me know- what I can do – and I will do it-

    I will be thinking of you.



  5. WeWanttheFunk says:

    WHAT!? This has to be some sort of mistake.
    Did the dogs get out ok? Were your records in there?

  6. Jenni Sperandeo says:

    SO GLAD YOU ARE OK! aaggghhh that looks…stupefying

  7. Brent Grulke says:

    I am so sorry Gerard, but glad to hear you and yours are okay… Brent

  8. Marc says:

    Like everyone else (myself included on FB) have said, I’m glad you, (most of) the pets, and your partner in crime made it out unscathed.

    I’m hopeful that if anything like this ever happened to me, I’d see half the outpouring of support you’ve gotten on FB. Pretty amazing to see what a community of friends and associates will do when the shit hits the fan. Humans aren’t half bad sometimes! If there’s anything your CSTB readers here in Austin can do, let us know.

  9. mike says:

    I have a near-complete set of Conflicts from 1985 onward…let me know if you would like them.

  10. magee says:

    Unthinkable. If you lost your record collection, I might be able to help you replace it. I have a stack of late 80s/early 90s indie 7″ stuff that I don’t even look at any more. Lots of great rare stuff in there. I’ve been too lazy to think of productive ways to get them somewhere useful. I’d be happy to give you any and all of them – I’m sure there are many you’d like. E-mail me if you would be interested & I could make a list for you. It’s the least I can do as a huge fan of CSTB and your own indirect contributions to my rock life over the years.

    – John Magee (ex-WMBR DJ early 90s)

  11. Signal to Noise says:

    holy crap. that’s horrible. hope you’re well and able to get back on your feet.

  12. Chuck Miller says:

    Gerard – I’ve always enjoyed reading CSTB.

    Send me your address and I’ll box up a care package of 80’s indie and college radio vinyl. I may even be able to send you a vintage GE Wildcat phonograph to play them on – once you get your house back in order. All the best.

  13. The Joker says:

    You can still blog if the basement is intact

  14. jeremiah says:

    Really sad that you lost so much of your things but extremely happy to hear you are ok Gerard.

  15. bekka says:

    Wow, sorry to see that. Glad you’re okay!

  16. James says:

    Stay strong, GC. So glad you’re ok.

  17. Bill Roe says:

    Holy crap!

    again – let us know if we can do anything!

    glad you (and the dogs are OK)

    -Bill & Lisa

  18. Chuck Meehan says:

    Gerard. Horrible news. I am relieved that you are alright. Hang in there, man.

  19. Ken Katkin says:

    Gerard, I’m a little ashamed I didn’t think of this until after I read Bettina’s generous post, but I have a fairly complete collection of Homestead Records (and doubles in many cases) which I now would not want to keep if you need copies. I don’t expect Barry Tenenbaum or Jack Sheehy to replace your lost copies (even though they are still selling all the “out-of-print” titles on eBay) but would be very gratified if I could do so.

  20. James says:

    Jesus. That is so horrible, wish there was something more I could say. Have been a huge fan of your football coverage since I’ve been living in the UK, as well as the updates on US sport. best to you.


  21. Brushback says:

    Best wishes, really.

  22. jimjbollocks says:

    Is there anything us Austinites can do?

  23. cp says:

    Christ. Really sorry for your loss. Glad you’re okay. I wouldn’t recognize you if i passed you on the sidewalk, but I’ve been a fan of many projects you’ve been a part of (including CSTB) for a long time. Hope you’re dealing.

  24. Jeff Campagna says:

    Jeez Gerard this is terrible. A dark, dark day. Glad to hear you’re ok.
    Not sure I have much music you would want but when and if you start rebuilding let me know. I got dupes of loads of things I would be happy to send them your way. -JC

  25. Man, what a nightmare. Truly sorry for your loss and glad you and yours got out safe…

  26. Pete Segall says:

    Very relieved to hear you got out okay and best wishes pulling through. So sorry this happened.

  27. David R. says:

    Long time etc etc echoing the condolences & well wishes.

  28. Ron House says:

    Gerard. I am so sorry. Fires are hell. Good luck with the rebuild.

  29. matt says:

    glad you’re alright, gc.

  30. brian says:

    Really glad you’re safe, really sorry to hear about your home.

  31. Ben Schwartz says:

    Ok, ok. As John Wayne once said, “Put an ‘amen’ to it! There’s no more time for prayin … AMEN!”

    The suspect list:

    Screamin’ Jay Mariotti.
    Jason “Big Sexy” Whitlock.
    Michael “Scoop” Schmidt.

    CSTB has eyes and ears everywhere. The sooner we can place these bastards at 3AM last night, the sooner we’ll have what this situation requires, Texas Justice.


  32. jodi says:

    Jesus, Gerard. I am glad you’re OK.

  33. Turd Ferguson says:

    As everyone else upthread has said, my condolences. Hope you can get back to something approaching normal quite soon.

    Ben: My money’s on the Human Whoopie Cushion.

  34. dan says:

    Just heard about this. Wanted to wish my best. I’ve been through one of these, when I was 12. They suck. Please don’t hesitate to ask those near to you to help.

  35. Sebastian says:

    Ben, I think you missed one key name: Will “I Suck” Leitch.

  36. kt says:

    can a certain action swinger’s whereabouts be confirmed for that night?

  37. Megan says:


    I am sorry to hear about this, glad that the living things are all okay. Scott and I have extra towels, sheets (double bed), blankets if you need them. I also have a mooseload of romance novels, but I’m guessing that’s not quite what you need at this time. Our thoughts are with you, I’ll check in to see if there’s anything we can do in a few days.

  38. GC says:

    thanks to everyone who’s written, texted or whatever over the past day or so. Your support and friendship is deeply appreciated — especially as I no longer have a television set and will soon become The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave in many of your homes (esp. those w. Sunday Ticket)


  39. Nothing scares me like fire. My sincere condolences, and it was great to hear that you and the animals made it out ok. Care package forthcoming…

  40. alan says:

    Glad that you’re OK and hope everything works out. I’m sure that Tenenbaum can set you up with Homestead masters and LPs if you need.

  41. Peter Davis says:

    Coming to the news late and while it is unfortunate in the extreme, I’m sure it is no small consolation you escaped with life and limb. Sure you’ll bounce back quickly enough. Anything I can do though within my ltd scope, definitely don’t hesitate to ask.

    With best regards,

  42. Jim Neill says:

    Gerard- This nasty news really hit home. I lost everything I owned 5 years ago in a fire of sorts. How (why?) the issue of Conflict where you refer to me as King of The Shiteaters survived I can’t determine 😉 But it was the beginning of a new attitude toward stuff for me. Certainly toward collecting/accumulating. I trust you’ll emerge stronger once the shock dissipates.

  43. Dan C. says:

    I am sorry to hear about the fire. Thanks for putting out so many great records over the years.

  44. Ricardo Amaral says:

    Hope you are okay and things get back on track soon. From an old Sick&Tired mailing list participant…

  45. Jason Cohen says:

    Ben also forget Bill Popp.

  46. Nick McGaw says:


    This is terribly terrible! It’s like the burning of the Alexandria Library, only with socks and linens biting it too. You should make a list of stuff you need and send it around to concerned parties. Count me on that list, my record collection is certainly open to you if you need to replace stuff.


  47. david wykoff says:

    really, really sorry to hear about the fire. my office burned about 15 years ago, and i thought that all was lost. but, of course, it wasn’t. let all of us know when you need some encouragement.

  48. Mike Hibarger says:

    Wow, I just got back from Iceland and read this, I’m sorry to hear about this, something like this happened to me back in 1988, only not so severe…if you need any conflicts or any particular old obscure 7″ or vinyl…i’d have to look through and find them, but like magee and others have said, you’re welcome to whatever i might have…but like george carlin always said, “my stuff is stuff, but your stuff is shit.” so my stuff must be shit…

  49. itsmetsforme says:

    sorry to see this, Gerard. Best wishes.

  50. SJ/AUM says:


    Jesus f*ck, that is scary as all hell to wake up with your house on fire. thank the cosmos and the Austin fire department that everyone made it out ok. my thoughts are with you. echoing offers of some posters above – though it’s a relatively small thing in the magnitude of this – when you finally do get re-settled and want to re-build some of your jazz collection, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    stay strong,

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