The Fantasy World Of Rep. Mark Foley

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As you might’ve read elsewhere Republican Rep. Mark Foley (FL) has resigned following allegations he a) sexually harrassed Congressional pages and b) engaged in the sort of instant messaging “have you ever been in a cockpit?” type banter so beloved by predators and aspiring wrestling promoters alike.

With Foley (above, left) facing prosecution under some of the same child protection laws he worked so hard to enact, the Sarasota Herald Tribune provides a bit of background on Foley’s unique career path.

At 23, he launched his political career with an appointment to the Lake Worth City Commission.

In 1990, he became that area’s Republican representative in the state House. Two years later, he moved up to the state Senate.

While a state senator, he fulfilled a longtime fantasy by briefly working as a roadie on an Allman Brothers Band tour.

Though I’m not a member of Foley’s constituency, I find the above passage far more disturbing than his hunting for teen cock online. What sort of a person fantasizes about being Dickey Betts’ guitar tech or Gregg Allman’s beard valet, and how could they be allowed to rise to such a position of influence?

3 responses to “The Fantasy World Of Rep. Mark Foley”

  1. Ben Schwartz says:

    Also worth noting — this is the frist child predator nabbing in two years that hasn’t included a My Space mention.


  2. j says:

    Freudian slip there, Ben?

  3. n8genius says:

    youre wacked…Allman Brothers roadie???….where do I sign up? I’m giving up my girl,my job and my car…in twenty minutes I would be taking over the congas from their percussionist and would fiercely keep that gig till I’m toothless

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