The Former Home Of Community Auditions Busts The Colts

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Tony Dungy, Dave Maynard would be so disappointed. From WBZ.com :

A day after some unusual sounds were heard during the Colts-Patriots broadcast Sunday, the NFL issued a statement saying what sounded like simulated crowd noise at the RCA Dome was actually created by the CBS production crew, not the Colts.

But WBZ Photojournalist Bryan Foley (above) says an unidentified RCA Dome security guard told him Sunday that the Colts do enhance the crowd noise.

Foley has been shooting sports for more than a decade. He was covering the game for WBZ-TV and claims the noise in the RCA Dome was deafening when the Patriots had the ball.

“It was almost silent when the Colts had the ball,” he said.

The noise was so bad he asked a security guard about it.

“I asked him, ‘Do you go home at night with a headache? Because it’s early in the first quarter and my head is already hurting.'”

“He said, ‘I don™t know if you know this, but they actually pick up the crowd noise and pump it back through the P.A. (public address system)'”

WBZ Audio Engineer Charlie Lucci said it wouldn™t be difficult to enhance the crowd noise.

“If you wanted to add crowd noise to any environment, if you were pumping something out, into the P.A., the announcer that kind of thing, there are recordings available of crowd noise; or you could make one yourself and you would just add it to whatever you™re feeding into the public address system.”

2 responses to “The Former Home Of Community Auditions Busts The Colts”

  1. Mark Swiderski says:

    He said, ‘I don’t know if you know this, but they actually pick up the crowd noise and pump it back through the P.A. (public address system)’”

    Using what mics, the one in the P.A. booth? Would that really be particularly effective?

    The Audio Engineer’s explanation makes a lot more sense …

  2. Bob Cook says:

    I was at the Colts-Pats game, and I don’t know what purpose it would serve to “enhance” the sound, even if it were done. The fans are insanely frickin’ loud, with the major aid being the cap provided by a relatively small domed stadium. It wasn’t like the crowd was sitting on its hands when the Patriots had the ball, and magically sounded like O’Hare at rush hour.

    As for the crowd being silent when the Pats had the ball, that’s when Colts fans do at home because Peyton Manning, like Tiger Woods, needs absolute quiet to operate.

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