The Long Awaited Collision Between Derek Erdman & West Baltimore’s Hardest Working Small Businessman

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If the folks at HBO had a lick of sense, they’d commission Derek Erdman to turn the above image into a pricey t-shirt. Writes Tim Cook, “I’m going to see if I can’t talk him into creating a Bunky Bunk, a Dayglo Marlo and, I dunno, a Deputy Commissioner for Operations William A. Rawls?”

7 responses to “The Long Awaited Collision Between Derek Erdman & West Baltimore’s Hardest Working Small Businessman”

  1. Derek Erdman says:

    If I made a shirt for HBO I’d at least check to see if I used the apostrophe correctly. Yeesh.

  2. Timothy Cook says:

    As much as I love The Wire, that design shit they’ve got rendered as merch is a total disaster. They could do much worse than to have Derek rebrand and redesign the whole lot of it, from the DVD boxed sets to the stupid messenger bags.

  3. warmowski says:

    Maury Janes – Like Mary Janes but with Barksdale attorney Maury Levy’s face on MJ’s frame

    Nikko Wafers – Necco wafers logotype, Nick Sobotka’s face


    Right. I’ll just show myself out, then.

  4. David Roth says:

    Wow, those HBO t-shirts are weak as hell. How hard is a Carcetti for Mayor t-shirt, with the poster image from last year? I know the answer to this: it’s not hard. My girlfriend made me one on Cafepress last year for my birthday. And ebay’s at least used to have a bunch of Orlando’s A Gentleman’s Club and Stringer Bell (in the Bell Telephone logo) tees for sale.

    Give HBO credit for the eco-friendly mousepad, though. I’m sure Slim Charles would approve of that one.

  5. Ward York says:

    After this, I’ll be following Warmowski.

    McNulty’s: You Deserve A Break Today (ideally featuring a pic of him slumping besides Stringer’s corpse)

  6. Timothy Cook says:

    Maybe a dual Erdman day/night McNulty chugging Jamison’s and, alternately, Listerine. You know, “The Western District way”.

  7. Pete Segall says:

    Sweet ‘n Partlow?

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