The Most Deeply Depressing Image To Emerge From Arizona This Week…

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….wasn’t Yardbarker choosing to hold their SB party at Hooters (presumably my invitation was grabbed by a spam filter), though that’s pretty desperate, too.

Instead, it was Dontrelle Willis attempting to rock the never quite happening sport-jacket-over-the-tee look.

My advice for the D-Train is pretty simple : stop taking advice about fashion (or anything else) from Matt Sosnick. And the next time you’re invited to a party at Hooters that doesn’t include a large cash payment, calmly explain that you’re an adult and would prefer to spend your time in a more interesting, less exploitive environment.

Unless in you’re stuck in Phoenix. In which case, you’re shit out of luck.

3 responses to “The Most Deeply Depressing Image To Emerge From Arizona This Week…”

  1. Skip Lockwood says:

    Given the subject, I thought I was gonna see a still from WFAN video streaming the Beningno/Roberts show this morning

  2. IFChris says:

    Apparently, those blonds didn’t mind it at all… or was it his wallet they were smiling at?

  3. itsmetsforme says:

    he’s telling them the story of when miggy cabrera ate the clubhouse stereo by mistake.

    i got nothing.

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