The Most Unflattering Thing To Happen To DDP Since Being Forced To Stalk The Undertaker’s Wife

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Thanks to a succession of hot tips from CSTB readers and contributors, we’ve managed to (mostly) keep up with the post-WCW/WWE career of Diamond Dallas Page (above), last seen around these parts hawking his Yoga-4-Dudes program. Or maybe it was threatening to sue Jay-Z. So hard to remember.

None of those incidents, however, were nearly memorable enough to prevent the following exchange between the San Antonio Express’ Jeff McDonald and Spurs F Matt Bonner (above, “a notorious sandwich hound) upon the latter’s first visit to NYC’s famed Carnegie Deli earlier this week :

He gave the food an A-plus. His only regret was that he didn’t bring a photo of himself to hang on the restaurant’s renowned wall of fame ” especially after seeing a picture of washed-up wrestler Diamond Dallas Page sprinkled among the glitterati.

œSurely, I’m more relevant than Diamond Dallas Page at this point, he said.

I’m not gonna set up a readers poll just to count a dozen votes, but I have a sneaking suspicion The Red Rocket would come out on the short end of such a vote.

(SA-Express link swiped from The Big Lead)

3 responses to “The Most Unflattering Thing To Happen To DDP Since Being Forced To Stalk The Undertaker’s Wife”

  1. ben schwartz says:

    Well, unsolicited, and actually from your post, clearly unneeded — I’m voting for DDP on principle. No one visiting the Carnegie cares who DDP or Bonner are, but the odds of Bonner staging a post-40 comeback are pretty low. DDP has career future options in managing, heel color commentary, training ring valets, more gender specific yoga products, and if I can go by the Fabulous Moolah’s return to the ring in her 70s, a probable rematch in 30 years with Scott Steiner.

  2. ryan brown says:

    I’m wondering if….

    A. Does Ed Asner’s photo hang in the Carnegie Deli?

    B. Would he be more upset if DDPs or Bonners picture hung near his?

  3. ben schwartz says:

    Asner has two photos up at Casa Bianca Pizza. One from his Lou Grant days, one recent. I admire the consistency.

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