The Only Thing Surprising About Ryan Dempster’s Embarrassing Injury…

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…is that no one’s found a way to blame it on Milton Bradley.  Dempster’s mishap recalled other bizarre baseball maladies, some of which might in fact, be urban myth. For instance, Kevin Mitchell’s said to have strained a muscle while vomiting, when he could just as easily have hurt himself while atttempting to behead a kitty cat.  The one about Smoltz burning his own chest while ironing a shirt is a bit misleading — rarely has it been mentioned that Steve Avery was holding the iron.

3 responses to “The Only Thing Surprising About Ryan Dempster’s Embarrassing Injury…”

  1. Ben Schwartz says:

    Don’t know how he hurt himself, but I think we can rule out kicking ass and taking names.

  2. Tim R says:

    Remember when Marty Cordova fell asleep on a tanning bed and had like, grill marks on his face when he came back from his day of recovery?

    And Sosa once threw his back out sneezing. These are so awesome.

  3. Tim R says:

    Well it would appear that your yahoo link had my stories covered.

    Sparks pulling a muscle trying to tear a phonebook in half is just… god, I love baseball.

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