The Professional Svenalike : Available For Supermarket Openings And Global Hoaxes

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The Independent’s Sadie Gray reported Friday on the case of Derek Williams, a professional Sven-Goran Eriksson impersonator not satisfied with photo opportunities like the one above.

Derek Williams, flanked by two glamour girls, was given a tour of Universidad Nacional’s stadium before issuing a statement to journalists and posing for photographs. The 56-year-old actor, of Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, advertises himself on his website as a “Svenalike”. He arranged his visit on Wednesday by sending the first division club fake documents purporting to be from the Mexican football federation. The real Eriksson was named as the new Mexico coach in June after being sacked by Manchester City.

Mexican officials have since warned all clubs to be on their guard should the imposter strike again. “The real Eriksson is in the US at the moment and the character who has been claiming to be him is just a ringer,” the federation said in a statement, adding that Mr Williams had shown a “total lack of respect”.

I’ve got to admit, I had a hard time imagining one could make much of a living working as a doppelganger for the former England/Manchester City manager. But there’s no accounting for taste.

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  1. Well., err…, I’m not sure where to start correcting all the misinformation in this item…..
    I did not arrange this assignment myself. It was a routine booking from RECORD newspaper group and Latin America’s largest TV corporation; AztecaTV.
    The incident reported was merely the first in a long series of candid camera style stunts that were compiled to fill two days newspapers and a one hour TV special and everyone was informed (to their hilarity) who I really am after each successful prank.
    NO documents of any kind existed and therefore none were used at any time! “Seeing IS believing” and like every other stadium or prestige venue in the UK and around the world in which I have appeared and/or entertained…, All doors are immediately OPEN for “Sven”.
    The evidence of the lies cast by competitors to my Mexican clients were exposed within hours and the “ban” lifted. (Although it was not very effective since I had already received the full red carpet treatment at several other major stadia and among Mexico city’s top locations.
    As for “not imagining there is much demand for a Sven-lookalike”? I’m not sure about that but you are probably correct since all the “lookalikes” failed to get much work when Sven was still England Boss. However; my “frighteningly lifelike” Doppelganger act that includes an almost identical look, voice, mannerisms and fine tuned body language plus acting ability and unique original material has remained popular on TV, TV & cinema commercials, movies, videos and on the live event and after dinner circuit for many years and I am pleased to report that I remain busy to this very day…..
    There is total “accounting for taste” among those who enjoy seeing “the UK’s No.1 celebrity double” and a “quality act” that’s “great entertainment”…, and contrary to media hype, real people love Sven and every one wants a photo every where I go on assignment and in private life all round the world.

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