The Short Memory Of Evan Roberts

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In the aftermath of last night’s events in the Bronx, a certain Red Sox starter has been criticized for his lack of clutchy-tude. As heard this morning on WFAN :

“Let’s see Josh Beckett walk into Yankee Stadium, and pitch like a Cy Young contender. He gave up, what, 13 hits last night? He was not money. Beckett is just not very good against the Yankees.”

A typically strong take from Evan Roberts. Do you think Joe Benigno-Gazingo’s sidekick might be able to identify the orgin and circumstances surrounding the following photograph?

A marriage counselor would have a field day with this one, by the way. And while I hate to take sides, I wholeheartedly encourage abusive husbands throughout the land to blame Kyle Farnsworth for their actions.

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  1. Rog says:

    Last night, cameras were on Beckett when he came out onto the field between innings and he looked really pissed when they started playing God Bless America for no apparent reason. The man feels my pain.

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