The Sophisticated Humor Of Chris Evans

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(l-r : Danny Baker, Evans, Gazza)

Readers of a certain vintage (ie., old fuckers like me) can remember when the biggest soccer scandal to envelope mega-annoying entertainer Chris Evans was an ill-advised pub crawl/kebab-eating contest with Paul Gascoigne. Fast forward a generation later, and Evans — now ensconced at the BBC’s Radio 2 — has found a whole new medium with which to fall from favor.  From the Mirror :

Evans came under fire from some of his own followers on the social networking site Twitter after he retweeted a joke that had been circulating across Twitter.

The star was accused of being ‘politically incorrect’ and ‘offensive™ after he posted: ‘You give an African 2 pounds a month and what do they do? Buy a bloody trumpet.’

Following the post, Twitter user iPilates wrote in response: ‘Not very politically correct that one. A bit Bernard Manning.’ while PeterHeslop said: ‘Did you re-tweet this to highlight xenophobia or capitalist exploitation?’

Evans, 44, later removed the post from his Twitter page before apologising – claiming he had not read the joke properly before forwarding it to his followers.

3 responses to “The Sophisticated Humor Of Chris Evans”

  1. Ben Schwartz says:

    Are the guys in the picture all Brits? They dress as badly as American sportscasters. There must be some universal dead end to the gene pool that sports media arrive at en masse.

  2. GC says:

    Baker’s a former music journalist/’zine guy turned broadcaster. So there’s your badly dressed gene pool. Neither Evans nor Gascoigne are part of the sports media, though the notion of the latter becoming a pundit could result in some amazing car-crash television.

  3. WeWanttheFunk says:

    Ben Schwartz: FASHION SHERIFF.

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