The Twisted Logic Of Rob Dibble

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After reading the Dibster’s latest — a fascinating treatise on short term goals versus long term planning — I’ve decided that his considerable skills are being wasted on Fox and XM.

PBS sorely needs to re-run the entire 9-part “Baseball” series, except with Dibble providing new commentary for each episode, free-association style. If Ken Burns objects, just send him a link to Rob’s most recent column. You’ll hear no further complaints, because Burns will probably have shot himself before he reaches the end.

One response to “The Twisted Logic Of Rob Dibble”

  1. Timothy Cook says:

    Thanks for the posting on this, CSTB. I had three thoughts on the subject:

    1. Ken Burns dead means we’d be treated to a rich panoply of posthumous projects. Even so, it’d be worth rooting for if not aiding.

    2. Every couple months I somehow find myself watching a random segment _The Best Damn Sports Show Period_, and I can still report that even if the heater was at the temple, _George Michael’s Sports Machine_ would still probably “win”.

    3. Can anyone think of a worse dressed ex-pro-athlete on a nightly basis than Rob Dibble?

    Oh, one more:

    4. Sports talk radio is to my ears unlistenable; how can you take it?

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