The Worm’s WNBA Overture

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(shameless, craven publicity hound. On the right, Dennis Rodman)

Sadly, there’s no proposition to serve as player/coach. From The Biz Of Basketball’s Maury Brown.

Dennis Rodman is ready to become a head coach – in the WNBA.

Rodman, currently residing in Miami, FL, recently completed his second season of a makeover show, “Geek to Freak”, with Mark Cuban’s HDNet. Ready for a new challenge, Rodman says this is not a joke.

“Any of my teammates can tell you that my knowledge of the game is second to none. My team would learn the skills that made me the player that will send me to the Hall of Fame. Our players would be in top physical condition. We would lead the league in rebounding, have a defensive-minded identity, and we’d run the triangle offense.”

His agent, Darren Prince of Prince Marketing Group, is not surprised. “Dennis has been talking about doing this for a while but there was never a convenient time. He is ready to put everything on hold in pursuit of this ambition.”

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