There’s No Price Too Low

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Dave Scheid forwards the following note from the glittering world of, uh, sidemen and reality TV.

CC Deville who is featured on the Surreal Life last season and the new season to debut Jan. 7th is not only a well known guitarist but, he would also like to see if there is an opportunity to have him do a solo or guest spot on upcoming songs or show dates. He may be willing to do it for FREE depending on the opportunity or the artist.

Nice try, but there’s only room for one world class guitar player in my band. And I’m sure as fuck not gonna bring in some guy who dresses just like me.

3 responses to “There’s No Price Too Low”

  1. ds says:

    gc…i’ve heard your band before and as shredding as it already is…if CC could lay down some licks (for FREE) it could be the next trans siberian orchestra.

  2. GC says:

    some of my best friends are trans siberians!

    I dunno. The Muffs let C.C. Deville play with them and while they hardly suffered for it, I just don’t know if the former Poison virtuoso has what it takes to make it in the cutthroat world of pretentious, aimless art rock.

    Brett Michaels was in Austin a few weeks ago. I don’t wanna badmouth the venue he was playing, but it was sort of the rock equiv. of a movie opening at the drive in.

  3. maura says:

    what, bret won’t let cc make a cameo on his dating show? that is a low blow.

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