They Don’t Get Much Edgier Than Leo Mazzone

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From MLB.com Spencer Fordin writes that Kevin Millar has convinced Orioles pitching coach Leo Mazzone to get a tattoo. I apologize in advance for the nightmares you are certain to have this evening.

“I’m going to break him in a little bit, and we’re going to bring The Edge to this club — that edge this team needs,” Millar said in his diary dated March 15. “Leo’s been in my ear a little bit that he wants one, and I told him I’ll think of one for him. I’ve got to go to my drawing board, but I’m going to take him once our families leave. We’ll have a day together.”

That goal came to pass over the weekend, with Mazzone sporting some brand new ink on his left shoulder. The design, instigated by Millar, is a red-and-blue pennant with the words “14 straight” written inside of it. The slogan refers to Mazzone’s run of success with his former team — the Atlanta Braves — which included 14 consecutive division titles.

“He’s fired up about it. He’s going to be shirtless for a while,” said Millar on Monday. “He’s a tough guy, but he got to the tattoo parlor and he was nervous. He kept asking me, ‘Millar, will it be all right?'”

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  1. wizznutzz says:

    Holy Mazzone!!!! Our intern Ken Beatrice has the words “14 Straight” tattooed on his penis!!! He once spent that many days in the Mothering Hut and he wanted to commemorate the occasion either by getting a tattoo on his “Jeff Kent” or carving notches in his bed post. Since he sleeps in the driveway he had no bed to notch!!! Thank the internets he didn’t notch his Kent!!!!

  2. gooblar says:

    March 27, 2006
    Dear Diary,

    Today was the best day in camp yet! I was taking BP with “Kaki” (that’s what I call Nick Markakis–he’s a great kid) when I had a great idea–I’d take all of the baseballs out of the pitching machine and replace ’em with softballs. You should have seen the look on Corey P’s face (that’s Corey Patterson–what can I say, I’ve always been good with comin’ up with nicknames) when he saw that first pitch coming in. It was priceless. He thought a regular baseball was comin’, but got a big-ass softball instead! You see, you can’t create team chemistry up in the front office with those computers. You need guys with heart, and maybe a little mischief in ’em. Oh wait, Johnny D’s on the phone, gotta go.


  3. Josh says:

    I guess he doesnt need to worry about the streak continuing for him.

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