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  • apparently, one of the Trolls With Balls creators dines in my ‘hood. No prob, I can pick a new taco truck #
  • wow, who said Oscar Wilde was dead? RT @iamboney hey dude, they only sent out invites for people’s who have blogs that get read. dicknose #
  • No kidding. To All The Tony Robbins’ Of Sports Blogging – fuck off RT @alana_g #bwb3 not for every1. #
  • lotsa George Mikan fans RT @paulsen_smw Here’s a surprise: the NBA Finals beat the Stanley Cup Final by 71% — in Minneapolis. #
  • @alana_g relevant, perhaps. I’d sooner gouge my own eyes out than pay money to hear you or anyone else discuss yr business model. in reply to alana_g #
  • “‘You don’t get off your couch in your living room.’ How would Kay cover TV and radio, standing up? In the woods?” http://alturl.com/8swn #
  • @alana_g if protecting said relationships takes precedence over interesting/honest content, I’ll opt for less generic reading material in reply to alana_g #
  • ouch RT @AmazinAvenue Video Of The Daniel Murphy Take-out Slide http://sbnation.com/e/1269406 #
  • NSFW if you don’t like to vomit on the job : http://twitpic.com/1usnjk #
  • PAGING MUSHNICK RT @EliFromBrooklyn Semi-Breaking Not-News: Brad Benson has a new commercial on WFAN with callers’ messages. #
  • RT @benschwartz @cstbtweet have you contacted helen thomas about world cup coverage? i hear she’s available #
  • Not to stick up for Mushnick or anything but his blitz int. made him seem halfway human http://twitter.com/BobsBlitz/status/15622680910 #
  • RT @dumpland Ice Cube, Mario Lopez, Clyde Drexler, Dr. Oz, Cal Ripken & Jon Glaser weigh in on the NBA Finals. http://tinyurl.com/2bwav9p #
  • Deceased ex-Stereophonics drummer’s wiki page has been fucked with. Y’know, just cause you _can_ doesn’t mean you should. #
  • Compared to what, the Holocaust? RT @WrightBlan“Tattoo You” and “Steel Wheels” weren’t too bad. #
  • John Wesley Coleman III, @BeerlandTexas http://yfrog.com/87pmqj #

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