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  • RE http://bit.ly/aGxs3P @TylerKepner on Patrick Ewing at tonights #Phillies at #Yankees game. Insert your own Gold Club joke. #
  • @StevePopper‘s right http://bit.ly/9GxqJV . If this is Jake’s audition for the Mets, I’d sooner trade for BRIAN Westbrook #
  • Rog, not a Tecmo Bowl guy RT @ebertchicago: Find me a person who ‘d value any video game above “Huckleberry Finn,” and I’ll show you a fool. #
  • you’re still welcome to pay a cover and drink, however. RT @Red_7: seriously. if you can’t spell you can’t play our club. end of story. #
  • Chris Berman flashing his sock-her knowledge by dropping Landon Donovan and Wayne Rooney’s names. Is there nothing this man cannot do? #
  • go to the library? RT @wallybackman86: @cstbtweet FUCK YOU, YOU LITTLE PIPSQEAK! How’s that for ya, guy? What else you gonna do this summer? #
  • RT @Neil_Hamburger: Scary map of the USA: http://tinyurl.com/2f995yb #
  • ladies, pay close attn. to this deep thinker RT @paulthenshirley: I’m really happy that girls-not-shaving-their-armpits thing never took off #
  • was Touchdown Jesus a Graven Image? execs at Fatal Erection recs unavailable for comment http://alturl.com/gaps #
  • the very spry Blanco scores (PK, 79th minute), #FRA 0, #MEX 2 #worldcup #
  • Game 7 hype video. The key to Celtics’ (potential) 18th title? “LA’s NEVER HAD SCALABRINE” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hs4w7UOwWK0 #
  • Javier Hernanez looks offside, scores the easiest of goals , 64th min, #FRA 0, #MEX 1 Andy MacPhail thinks France oughta rebuild #worldcup #
  • #1 was “get cursed out by Wally Backman” RT @BKCyclones: Cyclones ranked #2 by Time Out New York on “101 Things To Do This Summer!” #
  • awesome. So maybe we can forfeit a bronze medal . RT @UKCoachCalipari: I hope one day to be involved with our national team #
  • agree w/ @craigcalcaterra that KC The Town doesn’t deserve disses from Sports Putz, Deadspin.But why reward David Glass for ruining Royals? #
  • surely I’m not the only person who finds the M&M’s Pretzel commercial homophobic. How is this not a trending topic? #

  • SA man killed by family for flipping channel to #GER v #AUS on Sunday. Who knew “The Cleveland Show” had such a devoted int’l audience? #
  • re : @jaymohr37 hosting the NHL Awards. What, they couldn’t find an unfunny Canadian? #
  • @kranepool re : Beltran, “The Ewing Theory”. interesting analogy. possibly not enough shots/touches for Wright, Davis and Bay. in reply to kranepool #
  • @kranepool: on the pros/cons of Beltran’s possible return http://alturl.com/6ozs If 100%, there’s no way Beltran sits. key word : “if” in reply to kranepool #
  • Tsorisidis taps in a rebound, 73rd minute. Rob Green thinks Vincent Enyeama should’ve had that one. #GRE 1, #NGA 0 #worldcup #
  • head’s up, Donnie Walsh! RT @BobsBlitz Erin Andrews’ ESPN Contract Expires July 1, 2010 http://goo.gl/fb/QRn5j #
  • too early for me to follow details besides @worldcup, but surely Todd Hundley could fight off sexual predators? #
  • please, Andy. Me and Frank Rich buried the hatchet ages ago. RT @WOVENBONES cstbtweet gerard vs ny times : tweet off…. Go! #
  • Park, own goal (16th min) #ARG 1, #KOR 0. Messi looks a little like Kimberley Rew today. #worldcup #
  • Or AT&T? RT @benschwartzy New law would give Obama “kill switch” to turn Internet off. I assume the switch was invented by Twitter. #
  • i was in a Chicago hotel after the WC94 opener, watching Rockets/Knicks Game 5 when the brono chase began. Tough night for Al Cowlings. #
  • words you don’t wanna hear on the tv : “police don’t know where O.J. Simpson is” #
  • amazing gallery of former ESPN talking heads on tonight’s 30 for 30 (Olbermann, Steiner, Edwards, Kilborn) #
  • Mets just won their 6th in a row (season high 9 games over .500), and all anyone tweets about is the mishandling of Mejia. Rightly so! #
  • Pinto on Pirates : “science fiction movie where people wind up trapped in a place where everyone becomes complacent” http://bit.ly/bhPqmt #
  • Scalabrine tees — who knew there was a White Inferiority Movement? http://bit.ly/bRdL0k #
  • Cincy fandom no prerequisite for enjoying @jposnanski‘s fantastic ‘The Machine’ Can’t imagine Johnny Bench will be signing copies, however #
  • if they move to the AL Central, he can DH every day RT @hotfootblog Mets need to find a way to get Carter in the lineup more often. #
  • An Evening Of Scientific Wrestling #RejectedPPVNames #
  • $49.99 You’ll Never See Again #RejectedPPVNames #
  • WFAN sub/Francesa assist. Sal Licata fired for allegedly dissing/threatening the CT School Of Broadcasting http://alturl.com/mvx8 #
  • full credit to Licata ; until today, I didn’t know the Connecticut School Of Broadcasting was still in business #
  • WFAN sub / Francesa assist. Sal Licata fired for allegedly dissing/threatening the CT School Of Broadcasting http://alturl.com/td56l #
  • 2012 All-Star Game in KC ; apparently, all that luxury tax dough is not enough of a payback for throwing entire seasons #

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