This Doesn’t Neccessarily Mean You’ll Hear Embrace On WFMU

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Coming to WFMU, Monday, July 3, 7-8pm EST on Do Or DIY With People Like Us :

People Like Us have been gathering the best of the worst football music from around the world to bring to you, dear listener, on 3rd July at 7pm. Open up a cheap beer, tune your TV into football with the sound turned down and weep while your country gets thrashed by another far inferior to your own.

Given the promise of “worst football music”, I’m tempted to think this might represent Kunt & The Gang’s big break. But I’m also fairly certain Vicki Bennett (above) will have slightly more interesting tricks up her sleeve.

5 responses to “This Doesn’t Neccessarily Mean You’ll Hear Embrace On WFMU”

  1. wizznutzz says:

    Why don’t WFMU play anything by Embrace? That gives us BELTWAY RAGE!!! Because Ian MacKaye wrote great football songs just after Minor Threat and Pailhead and just before Fugazi: “Sometimes I’d like to kick your fucking ass / But I guess, you’re just a human, too.” THAT’S A WORLD CUP POEMTRY, wFmU !!!

  2. GC says:


    sorry. I meant the sucky Embrace


  3. wizznutzz says:

    So did we!!!

  4. Don says:

    well I’m not going to forward this url to Embrace NOW.

  5. wizznutzz says:

    We were kidding!!! We love D.C. Embrace!!!! (Tthough admitedly not as much as D.C. Talk or D.C. Cab). We own demos, outtakes, bootleg 7-inches, and intern Ken has a birthmark (or third degree burn) that looks remarkably like the Embrace album cover image!!!! We even have a giant framed photo of Ian hugging Michael Hampton, though frankly it looks like Mike would prefer to be adjusting his Boss Chorus pedal instead of embracing his bandmate. Is that why Dischord bands always break up?

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