This Is What Show Business Looks Like

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On far too many occasions, I have harrassed you, the dear CSTB reader(s) with links to the legendary J&H Productions answering machine messages. Said recordings have so invaded my daily thought process, that I cannot type, pronounce or hear such simple words as “pertaining”, “coliseum” or “industry” without being reduced to a giggling spasm that at least one observer has suggested is just cause for my being institutionalized.

Now, with a link culled from Bedazzled, to paraphrase the Buggles, Video Killed The Underground Cassete Star:

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  1. harris says:

    I was wondering what happened to Nolan Richardson

  2. Spike says:

    hey Gerard-
    I’d love to send you my cd’s , including the all covers “Stars After Stars After Stars” named after the J & H tape (I cover two Jacobites songs on it-I remember that you were a big fan of theirs) . and my new one “There’s No Sound In Flutes” (another “underground tape” reference.
    Email me with an address if you want ’em.
    you can not publish this please-
    just couldn’t find an address to email you at-


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