This (Shitty) Day In Rock History

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The above clip of the Minutemen performing “Working Men Are Pissed” and the Urinals’ “Ack Ack Ack” at DC’s 9:30 Club in 1984 is posted to mark the 23rd anniversary of D. Boon’s passing. I’m sure those old enough to remember will concur that Xmas ’85 was unusually rotten.

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  1. Don says:

    Those of us in high school didn’t hear about it until several weeks later, since it didn’t make the national news. MRR took a LONG time to get out.

  2. Chef Salad says:

    It was a gut punch, with little explanation beyond the “car accident.” Really, it actually seemed unreal. Earlier that year Georgie, Watt, and Boon had passed through town as an opener for REM. It seemed almost impossible watching The Minutemen prowl the stage in the old Richmond Mosque, but it seemed like they’d be coming back and playing forever. The big stage was clearly not a sell-out as some stupidly announced. It was a triumph of the true econo spirit; taking it to another level, but still strong and true.

    And then the bottom dropped out…and everyone suddenly was sad. Man, people I knew who never heard of D. Boon were all bummed out. Which made us even more bummed out. It makes me think how lucky we were to be around during those years, the years when music started to matter again.

    thanks again

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