Tigers Punch Their Playoff Ticket

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Tigers 11, Kansas City 4

Congrats to Mags (get a haircut) and Justin Verlander but most of all, to Motown’s billion year-old, chain-smoking curmudgeon of a manager. Jim Leyland began his Detroit tenure professing ignorance about the club, the AL and most disturbingly, any knowledge of Greystone Hall’s Scary Carey. Today, all of that means about as much as Denny McClain’s musical career. The Tigers are headed back to the postseason for the first time in 9 years, and while I’d be remiss without acknowledging the addition of quality citizens Kenny Rogers and Todd Jones (cue up sound effects of a massive coughing fit), I doubt it would’ve happened without Leyland, a guy I’ve dumped on at every available opportunity.

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  1. JeffWeaverForGod says:

    the best thing that ever happened to the tigers is mike illitch not having to pay the redwings 04-05 salary so he could over spend on horrible free agents. which is a tradition i am glad he is continuing by signing dominik hasek, i wonder if he is gonna close games for the tigers next year, or if he’s just going to be in the bullpen in case a fight breaks out and he can pretend like its a pick up roller hockey game.

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