Todd Jones Avoids Temptation

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From the BP News’ Tim Ellsworth :

His teammates may be out after games going to popular night spots, but you won’t find Florida Marlins pitcher Todd Jones there.

That’s because Jones knows how serious of a temptation women can be.

“I don’t put myself in those situations because I don’t know how I’d react,” Jones said. “I just try to stay out of the situations — stay in my room, play a lot of Xbox, eat a lot of room service. That’s how I live, because I love my family. I love my wife, and I don’t want to do anything stupid.”

The measures Jones takes don’t come just from a devotion to his family. They also come from his devotion to God. As a Major League Baseball player, Jones wants to do his best to live a godly life, and he knows sexual sins don’t have any place there.

“Like any other guy, women are probably the biggest stumbling block,” he said.

Jones and his wife have been married for 15 years, and Jones has remained faithful to her.

“Still, there are things you come across” as a baseball player, especially on the road, he said. “You’ve got to be careful.”

A few years back, Jones spoke in harsh terms about the possibility of sharing the locker room with an openly gay teammate. So clearly, there’s all kinds of temptation he’s wary of.

Of course, when you’re as hot as Todd, you’ve got to be doubly careful of every breathing individual trying to get into your tight polyesther trousers.

3 responses to “Todd Jones Avoids Temptation”

  1. Joel says:

    Mmmm, mmm, mmm, I’d like a slice of that

  2. Chuck Meehan says:

    After being a significant component in the Phillies collapse last August(0-3, 8.49ERA for August) and subsequently bashing Philly fans for their nastiness towards him in his hometown paper (instead of apologizing for his poor job), the Good Lord better be looking down upon Turd Jones the first time he gets up in the Citizens Bank Park petting-zoo bullpen.

  3. Jay says:

    You should see what he has to say on his weekly blog. That’s right. The man keeps a blog:

    Click here for the blog

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