Tommy Saxondale Smashes The System

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Recently defamed by former paramour Courtney Love as being an accessory to Owen Wilson’s downfall, Steve Coogan has another comic creation to rival that of Radio Norwich overnight blowhard Alan Partridge.  Playing the title role in the BBC’s “Saxondale”, Coogan’s arena rock roadie-turned-exterminator might be the most socially dysfunctional television character since Larry David’s award-winning stretch as, uh, Larry David.

Though BBC America have neglected to pick up the second season of “Saxondale”, there’s no shortage of clips available online, including this snippet from a series 2 episode in which Tommy chooses to represent himself in court after being charged with fare skipping.

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  1. MAS says:

    The first season was hysterical. Why didn’t/wouldn’t BBC America pick this up? Is that officially confirmed?

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