Tonight At Beerland : The Real Satanic Verses (And Choruses, Too)

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Though I’m abdicating my Church Of The Up All Night responsibilities this evening, Max Dropout will be your host for an evening of exceptional cinema at Beerland (711 Red River) , screening “Rocktober Blood” (1984, dir. Beverly Sebastian) and Brian DePalma’s directorial debut effort, “Phantom Of The Paradise” (1974) Brooklyn Lager are supplying the free beer, there’s free pizza and i’m so jealous I cannot attend I’m literally shaking with rage. No wait, that’s just a minor stroke!

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  1. tbl says:

    It gives me no pleasure to be CSTB’s Brian DePalma fact-checker. By ’74, DePalma had already directed The Wedding Party, Murder a la Mod, Greetings, the brilliant Hi, Mom!, Sisters, and his studio debacle Get to Know Your Rabbit.

    Not to obscure the larger point that Phantom of the Paradise is worth seeing in any circumstances much less those outlined above.

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