Tourney Aftermath : All Hail The Victor (And Florida, Too)

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Lost amidst the national cover of Florida’s 84-75 defeat of Ohio State last night — making Eddie Munster’s Gators the first back to back National Champs since Duke in ’92 (and the first ever to accomplish such a feat with the same starting five) was the truly important result ; the outcome of the inaugural CSTBracket.

Congrats then, to Matt Baab, who correctly picked 45 of 63 games and finished with an impressive 148 points, defeating 52 other competitors (one of whom may or may not include a former paramour of the Widow Cobain — we’re still trying to verify). Matt’s won himself a copy of Sega’s “NCAA 2K3” for the Playstation 2 — perhaps not the most contemporary title, but easily the only video game you will ever see to feature Jay Williams’ picture on the box.

Thanks to everyone for playing, and most of all to David Roth for putting the whole thing together. Boeheim’s still mad at you, David.

3 responses to “Tourney Aftermath : All Hail The Victor (And Florida, Too)”

  1. David Roth says:

    Oh, I appreciate the recognition, but coming in a distant ninth is actually recognition enough. For example I have now been forced to recognize that even if I spend a whole year watching college basketball, I still am going to be wrong on roughly half my picks.

  2. Joe says:

    Ed Norton played your bracket?

  3. GC says:

    no. neither did Falling James.

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