Trib’s Smith : Isiah’s The Only Elite Guard In New York

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While Will Leitch has already expressed skepticism that Isiah Thomas knows how to use a computer, the Chicago Tribune’s Sam Smith, while answering reader mail, conjures up the image of Zeke At The Typewriter.

Sam, I have been hearing that the Bulls are talking trade with the Knicks. It looks like they would be trading Ben Gordon (above) for “one of the Knicks’ elite guards” and their next first-round draft pick. Which of the Knicks’ elite guards would the Bulls be getting? And what are the Bulls thinking? — Joe, Hinsdale

I saw that item in the New York Post and I think it is Isiah Thomas. Other than him, I cannot find an “elite” guard on that team. It was one of the funniest things written this week. It was in the New York Post, which is a wonderfully entertaining read (I guess the fiction helps), and does come up with some good stuff from my friend Peter Vecsey. But there’s no truth to it at all. Actually, relations between the Bulls and Knicks have been so cool since the Curry fiasco that executives from both teams haven’t spoken to one another this season. The Knicks would love to have Ben because he lights them up every time he plays them. I wouldn’t take anyone but Channing Frye for him. The Bulls are mostly thinking the Knicks are now writing the newspaper stories.

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  1. Joey says:

    That’s a pretty good answer, aside from the part where he actually admits to maintaining a friendship with Vecsey.

  2. josh says:

    Who could have been Vescey’s source on that?

    Clearly it wasn’t Isaiah since I doubt he and Vescey are confidants. I mean, the whole rumor was so absurd my only guess was that Paxson planted it knowing it would be laughed at and Isaiah would be further emabarssed and ridiculed when it got denied by the Bulls.

    Sure that sounds absurd, but how else could such foolishness have made it to print.

  3. egg says:

    I refuse to care about anything Knick until Zeke is gone. This off-season, the coming joke of a season, the following depressing off-season after that, ad nauseum, it will all mean zero to me. Isaiah is the worst thing to happen to the hometown team since…hmmm…hey…! Come to think of it…HE’S the worst thing to happen to them!

  4. josh says:

    come to think of it fitzgerald should drop this valerie plame scooter libby leak investigation and focus on who leaked to vescey. i think it is more important to our nation — isaiah must be stopped.

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