Unsafe At Any Speed : NHRA Vet Would Like To Show You His Hot Rod

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From KTLV TV :

A noted drag racer from Texas is accused of repeatedly molesting a boy for years.

Gene “The Snowman” Snow of Bedford surrendered to the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department on September fifth. Authorities had issued a warrant for the 69-year-old man on suspicion of aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Snow posted 25-thousand dollars bail and was released the same day.

Snow is listed on the National Hot Rod Association’s Web site as one the top 50 drivers in the organization’s history.

Snow’s attorney didn’t immediately return calls for comment.

Court documents indicate a 17-year-old went to investigators in July and said Snow began molesting him when he was in fifth grade.

Snow has seven misdemeanor citations for public lewdness and obscenity dating back to 1978. All were dismissed except for one public lewdness charge for which he paid a fine.

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  1. MARK SMITH says:

    when will they stop slapping him on the wrist and put him in jail,,were he can have friends his own age..!!!!!!!!!!

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