Urban Myer Really Knows How To Hold A Grudge

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Suffice to say, Florida wasn’t going to pass up opportunities to put more points on the board, long after today’s humiliation of Georgia was clearly a done deal.  Still, after Joe Cox tossed a 19 yard TD pass to Aron White, slicing the Gators’ lead to a mere 39 points, how awesome would it have been for the entire Georgia squad to have joined a wild end zone celebration?  It’s pretty easy to fuck with the opposition’s heads moments after a game has started, but think about the power psychological statement Mark Richt would’ve made by instructing his charges to pull the same stunt?

CFT’s Michael David Smith
observed the finale of Pitt’s 4 OT win over Notre Dame, and for the first and hopefully only time, it seems necessary to point out that “defend” is a word, as is “defer”.  “Deferned” however, might not exist.

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  1. Mack says:

    check out this seriously funny vid:


    that’s the real truth about the BCS committee…

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